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The Colors of Christmas: Red, Green and Gold

Well, after searching high and low, deep and wide, it appears that the acceptance of red, green and gold as the Christmas colors has both historical and religious origins.

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The Colors of Christmas
The Origin of Christmas Colors

There are two accepted beliefs about the origin of the Christmas colours, red, green and gold. One is based on Christian tradition, and the other based on historical fact.

Since the early part of the historical fact came before the Christian tradition, this will be explained first.

Pre-Christian Historical Basis of the Green Color of Christmas

Long before Christ was born; green has already been considered as a powerful symbol of mystery and life.

People observed that long after other plants have died during the winter, fir trees and holly bushes have remained ever green. So they thought that something magical must be making these trees and bushes survive the harshest of winters. These plants were thus worshipped and feared at the same time. From then on, they have come to be associated with the mystery of life and green became the color of life.

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Christian Jewelry and Its Relevance Today

Christian Jewelry: A Brief History

Dating back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, man has often worn amulets for good luck, to ward off evil spirits as well as to pay homage to deity. It's no surprise that this tradition would be passed down in our lives today in the form of modern Christian jewelry.

We trace the origin of the first Christian symbol, the fish, back to around 54 A.D. during the days of Christian persecution. The fish was an inconspicuous sign that was easy to use as strangers meeting would draw the first crescent of the fish shape and the other would complete the symbol; thus, showing that they were also Christians. Today, we see a resurgence of this figure on bumper stickers, tee shirts and Christian jewelry. Styles like rings, bracelets, anklets even toe rings and spinner rings are all styled with the fish. Its design is widely popular with the younger generation.

Around the 4th century, we begin to see identification with a cross as a Christian icon. Crude crosses were fashioned out of sticks and leather to be worn around the neck as early signs of Christian jewelry made from this image.

Today, modern Christian jewelry offers a huge selection to appeal to every lifestyle. Diamond encrusted crosses are sometimes used as status symbols for the wealthy as well as fashion statements. Sometimes, a simple silver cross pendant can become so much more as in the case of Gemstones of the Holy Bible.

Christian Jewelry: A Gift for All Time

Special gifts of Christian jewelry are always well received as they are generally given by an important family member or friend to a child on an important red letter day.

While trinkets and bibles are often given as a special gift, an engraved cross pendant crafted from fine silver, gold or other metal is usually the first choice for the youngster who is newly confirmed or has just received the first communion. This type of gift is appropriate for both girls and boys and usually has a lasting impression because of the occasion in marks.

Baptism is also another special time for giving and receiving the gift of Christian jewelry. People of all ages enjoy both giving and receiving gifts of this magnitude as it truly is a gift that keeps on giving. The message for the receiver is that the giver supports their beliefs in the hope for a new life.

Sometimes, Christian jewelry is a "me gift" showing a quiet display of ones faith. Some choose to wear jewels with Christian images because they need a reminder that there is a better life that's everlasting. Finally, crosses, fish, medallions of saints and other religious icons are self given because they are popular fashion statements. You can see today's celebrities wearing large, showy cross pendants in magazines giving this symbol prominence in other areas besides just faith.

Christian Jewelry: Notable Jewels

Throughout recorded history, Christian jewelry has been an important display of mankind's strong belief in a better life that's everlasting in Heaven.

The Jerusalem cross pendant said to be worn by Godfrey de Bouillon, who lead the Christians to victory by capturing Jerusalem in 1099. It later became the symbol of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, which was established after the first Crusade until 1291 when the last remaining territory of the kingdom was taken from the Christians.

Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor, had one of the most famous pieces of Christian jewelry. His notable pendant was said to include pieces from the True Cross and the crown of thorns under a sapphire set with gold. It was said that he referred to his pendant as "Warrior" because he often wore it into battle.

Christian jewelry is found today in one of the finest collections in the world...the Crown Jewels. The image of the cross is found repeatedly in royal jewelry collections because it symbolizes the monarchy's power and connection with God for over a thousand years. Historically, the Sovereigns who sat on the throne believed wholly that they are anointed by God's own hand and are given the divine right of kings to rule their people.

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How to Use a Crimp Tube

When attaching wire to a clasp for your newly made necklace, the most common method is crimping, which is a small metal tube and a crimping tool. Below are 5 steps to walk you through the process.

1) Thread your wire through a crimp tube, then through the clasp you've chosen, and then back through the crimp tube again.

2) Using your crimp tool, place the crimp tube in the large hole at the front of your tool, then press slightly to form an oval shape in the crimp tube. This will help keep the wire separated.

3) Place the oval crimp tube in the back portion of the crimp tool, the hole with the indention, use your finger to keep the wire separated so you don't compromise the strength of your connection, then compress firmly, flattening the tube, creating separate chambers for each wire.

4) Now place the crimp tube back into the front hole of the tool and compress folding the crimp tube in half.

5) Use your flush cutters to trim away the excess wire.

Open and Close Jump Rings

Jump rings are used in most jewelry making projects. So using good quality jump rings and knowing the correct way to open and close them is an important part in keeping your jewelry from falling apart.

1) Use two bent nose pliers or chain nose pliers. Grasp the jump ring on either side of the opening with the tip of the pliers.

2) Open the jump ring by moving the jaws sideways in opposite directions. Do not pull ends outward, that will stress the ring and you will lose the nice round shape of your jump ring.

3) To close jump rings, grasp the ring with the tip of the pliers and move sideways like before, but this time move the ends past each other while compressing them together and continue moving past each other while compressing until you feel them click into place. This will keep them secure.

Turning a Loop

When making jewelry with beaded chains or dangles, you need to know how to make a loop at the end of your head pin/eye pin.

1) First thread your bead onto your head pin, and then bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.

2) Trim off all but 1/8" tail of wire from your bead.

3) Grasp the tail with the tip of your round nose pliers and turn to make a loop. Don't get discouraged if your loop isn't perfect, with practice your loops will improve.

Wrapped Loop

For a more secure loop, create a wire wrapped loop.

1) Thread your bead onto the head pin; grasp the top of your head pin above the bead with the round nose pliers.

2) Bend the wire around to form a loop.

3) Coil the wire firmly around the base of the loop with your fingers or chain nose pliers until you reach the top of the bead.

4) Trim off excess wire.

5) Tuck the remaining wire into the bottom of the coil firmly with the chain nose pliers.

by: Linda Keesee

Bangali women in gorgious shree

Bangladeshi women wearing some colorful shree, They looking very very beautiful

Watches: Guide to Buying a Rose Gold Watch

Rose gold is a beautiful option for jewelry. It gives you the classy style of gold but it offers something a little bit more interesting for the eyes. Rose gold watches are particularly popular. Watches are worn daily so you don’t want anything too flashy but you do want something really nice and rose gold provides that perfect balance. Rose gold watches are available for both men and women although the styles for the two genders are completely different. If you want to get a great rose gold watch, there are quite a few things that you’ll want to take into consideration.

How Rosy Do You Want Your Rose Gold?

The first decision that you should make is what color of rose gold watch it is that you’re actually looking for. That starts with determining how rosy you want the rose gold to be. Rose gold is actually a gold that has been combined with copper to give it a reddish look. There are typically three levels of color that all fall into the rose gold category. There is red gold, rose gold and pink gold. Each has varying degrees of copper; the more copper, the redder the appearance of the gold. Choosing how red you want your rose gold watch is a great start to picking the right piece of jewelry.

What Other Colors Do You Want In The Rose Gold Watch?

After determining how rosy you want your rose gold watch, you can start thinking about the other colors that you want in the watch. A men’s watch will typically be a black watch or gold watch that only has touches of rose gold since a pink watch would be too effeminate for most men. A black watch band with a watch face made of both black and rose gold is a good choice. In contrast, a women’s rose gold watch may be almost entirely made of rose gold. Or it may be a combination of rose gold and silver in the design. Think about whether there are other colors you’d like for the band or watch face when choosing your rose gold watch. Also make sure to think about the style of watch band that you want – leather, metal, etc.

What Style of Rose Gold Watch Are You Seeking?

Rose gold watches come in many different styles just like any other watch would. Decide in advance whether you’re looking for something classic and traditional in appearance, something effeminate and romantic, something strong and modern or something futuristic. Consider the side of watch that you’re interested in and the additional design features (diamonds, etc.) that you might want included in your watch.

How Much Do You Want to Pay?

There are rose gold watches available at all parts of the cost spectrum. There are rose gold watches available for less than $100 and those that cost more than $10000 each. As with all jewelry, you pretty much get what you pay for. Are you looking for an inexpensive rose gold watch to wear every day? Or do you want something nicer for a special occasion or to give as a gift. It really helps to identify your price range before you start shopping around so that you can limit what you’re looking at to the price range that really suits you.

Are There Watch Brands That Really Appeal To You?

There are many people who couldn’t care less about which brand of watch they were but there are also a lot of people who want to get a good name-brand watch because they know they’re getting quality and prestige with this purchase. Do you care what brand you’re looking at? Do you want an Invicta Rose Gold Watch or a Kenneth Cole Rose Gold Watch? You’ll have to reconcile your desires with the price range that you’ve already set for yourself but it’s nice to think about the brands that you might want.

Additional Features of Your Rose Gold Watch

Now that you’ve determined more or less what you’re looking for in terms of the style, price and brand of the watch, you are ready to get down to the nitty gritty of the purchase. This is something you would do when buying any watch because it’s the part where you pick the functions of the watch that are going to interest you most. For example, last year Casio came out with a solar-powered, shock-resistant rose gold watch. If those are features that interest you then you might want to check that watch out. Alternatively you may want an all-weather watch or a watch with certain timer functions or it may be important to you that the watch is self-winding. Start to think about those additional features and find a rose gold watch that includes those features but also matches the design you want and fits into your price range.

Where To Buy Your Rose Gold Watch

You may be wondering where you should look when trying to find this product that you’ve learned how to shop for. The answer is probably the Internet. There are many different outlets for finding rose gold watches online including online jewelers and auction sites such as eBay. Once you’ve outlined what you’re looking for, you can use the various advanced search functions on these sites to find the rose gold watch that you want to own. Make sure to be smart about shopping online, get a good deal and know what the terms and agreements are before you make the purchase.

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Different Design and Style Ideas to Create a Whole Range of Skull Rings for Men

Rings are an accessory that not only women love but men do too. There are kinds of rings for different age groups. One of the types of rings most common in boys and men is the Gothic biker kind of rings like skull rings for men. Skull rings are not only worn by men but by women too. Those girls or women who have a more sporty nature and are tom boys also love wearing such nasty looking jewelry like skulls and bones. But when it comes to jewelry for men there is some slight difference in the way they are designed.

They are given a more manly or boyish look so that they can be differentiated from women's jewelry. Likewise skull rings for men are more thugs looking and have a more hardcore look to them. The skull rings for men are designed creating images that are more gruesome and hardcore. Most men who are into rap music or the rap industry sport skull rings for men while wearing black rock shirts and sporting tattoos all over their bodies. These are the kind of people who mostly buy skull shaped rings.

Skull shaped rings can have plain skull scriptures on them and sport more thug style skulls or other designs of skull shaped rings in which skulls have sunglasses or bandannas on to give a more pirate look to the jewelry. Skull shaped rings have become more popular especially after the pirate movies were released.

If you are interested in making your own skull shaped rings start by first drawing out onto a piece of paper the basic skull structure using a pencil. Make sure you draw in two sockets for the skulls eyes and make an extended oval shape for skull shaped rings. Then draw horizontal lines that are at least ¼ ways higher from the skull's mouth. Then draw in two holes for the skull's nostrils as well making sure that the nostrils are in the middle to create more authentic looking skull shaped rings. For more creative ideas when creating skull shaped rings you should try checking out thug magazines and pictures of men wearing thug style accessories like piercings, tattoos, braids, bandannas, and other such cool jewelry. Viewing these images will give you lots of new ideas to give to your skull shaped rings for men that you are designing.

Once you have created a picture of the skull you want for your skull rings for men take photocopies of that image. Then try practicing drawing different gear styles of all photocopies that you have but make sure you keep one photocopy of the original image as well. If you are interested in creating skull shaped rings for men then make sure you add a bandanna to your skull design that has it tied across the mouth while also having a pierced brow bone.

Make sure you design your skull shaped rings for men using light strokes. Once you have finalized all the different designs of skull rings for men you want take them to any local jewelry maker. These people use common material like silver clay to mold the designs you want into skull rings for men. Submit all your designs there and ask them for a whole batch of skull rings for men. Enjoy gifting them to your friends and loved ones or you can even sell them to make a profit.

Bangladeshi Models in shree 3

Bangladeshi Models in shree 3

Skull Rings Are a Very Popular Fashion Accessory

These rings have not made their way into fashion recently, but have been in fashion for a long time. Skull rings comprise of a basic ring band and a skull attached to it. Most rings come in different designs so you can expect more than one skull attached to the ring as well. The skull symbol is usually associated with themes of mortality, death, power, dominance and destruction etc. Even in the early days, the skull was used as a symbol of power when someone who was victorious in a combat would chop off the head of his opponent and display the skull on a stake for the entire village to see.

Rings are usually seen as a woman's accessory, but they are available for men too. It is usually bikers and teenage boys who are buyers and users of these ornaments. Others who lead a gothic lifestyle also use them as an accessory. These rings for men are designed with a masculine look so that men find the rings appealing to them. The ornaments for men come in different sizes, shapes and designs. You get an idea of what kind of ornaments for men are available if you visit a jewelry store near you. You could even look up designs on the internet. Some men are extremely passionate about them and we will dig deep to explore the many reasons why these ornaments attract men more than other rings do.

As we have mentioned before, the skull is a symbol of all the themes that men are likely to associate themselves with, or to appreciate. For example, we spoke about how skulls were a symbol of power in ancient times, especially after combat. It is only natural that a man can associate with this and thus make use of skull rings for men. These are considered to be the safest kind of ornaments for most men because they have no feminine element in them. They have no feminine element in them, even though some women may choose to make use of them. This piece of jewelry has a complete masculine touch to them. They are manly in appearance and bad boys, bikers, Goths and even some very popular male celebrities and movie characters have been seen wearing them.

Visiting you local store may excite you with the variety of ornaments for men, but the real range can be explored online where you will find so many different designs for men, that it will be difficult for you to choose just one. Ordering online has become so popular these days, and the task is so simple and safe most of the time, that you shouldn't hesitate to place an order for a ring if you like it. There are ornaments that also have some stones in them. The stones can be artificial, precious or semi precious, according to what you want to buy. There are some designers who also make some amazing rings with skulls on them. Even you can get your very own customized items made if you visit a jeweler. You can make modifications to designs according to your liking and you will have a ring that will be masculine enough for you.

So these were the few reasons why men are so fascinated with them and where they can find them for themselves. Some men even hold a collection and if you are one of them, you should add some good pieces to your collection by exploring different places to buy from.

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